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'Mantón de Manila' shawl, 100% silk, hand-made embroidery and fringes. Size 140x140cm, approximate weight 750grs.

Recommended for professional or semi-professional use due to its weight and dimensions.



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Available colors may vary. Please check the availability by sending us an e-mail before making the order.

1: Black with coloured flowers, black fringes
2: Beige with coloured flowers, beige fringes
3: Toasted with coloured flowers, toasted fringes
4: Coral with coloured flowers, coral fringes
5: Black with ivory flowers, ivory fringes
6: Coral with ivory flowers, coral fringes
7: Fuchsia with coloured flowers, fuchsia fringes
8: Brown with light-coloured flowers, brown fringes
9: Blue with light-coloured flowers, blue fringes
10: Ivory with ivory flowers, ivory fringes

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